Future Predictions

This week I was asked to study the trends of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s and make some predictions about the future. After talking it over with myself internally and with my peers, I came up with a small vision of the future involving Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR) and Live Video streaming. This picture of the future that I’m going to try and paint for you involves some changes to one of the fundamentals of human development; Education.

The change is happening now, more and more people are using live streaming/online video resources to teach themselves. Websites like Lynda and Udemy allow people to teach themselves by giving them access to large video databases filled with tutorials. Places like TwitchTV and other Live Streaming networks allow people to teach others in a classroom environment, having a chat feature attached to a live stream allows viewers to ask questions just as one would in a real classroom. Although this is all very impressive, I see it as just a tiny scratch on the surface of possibility. I believe the introduction of VR/AR will be the next step in improving these services.

A study by  Interactive 3D solutions has reported that using Virtual Reality as a teaching tool can increase attention levels by 92% and raise test scores by 35%(C. Crannel, 2015, Available from URL: http://www.eonreality.com/education/). Although these numbers may not be 100% accurate, it seems as though there would be an increase in focus simply due to the degree of immersion that Virtual Reality encompasses. Imagine being in a virtual classroom where all you can absorb is the information the teacher wants you to adsorb.

Not only is the future looking good for VR/AR in the education department, I have found through some of my research that advertising companies and car manufacturers are using it to promote their products. In this video you can see how easy it is for the salesman to showoff the cars feature through Augmented Reality.

In the beginning I really only considered VR/AR for what it was most associated with; Video Games. Now after reading into it a little more and doing some research I believe that the possibilities of VR/AR are ever-expanding and I look forward to the future of the product and hopefully have the chance to work on some content myself.


(The Simpsons, 1999, Virtual Reality in schools)


Future Predictions

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