My Media Use and Identity

My media use and identity has changed a lot over the years, if you asked me 5 years ago what media I consumed the most I would have answered “Video Games!” without even pausing but as I’ve grown I’ve become… for lack of a better expression; lazier. In that I prefer to watch rather than engage my brain and play.

At the moment my biggest media consumption are YouTube and Twitch. I love the way they allow people to show their audience something in a completely personal way. I also love how anybody with a recording device can create something and put it out there and then someone like me can find it and take something away from it.


This is the main function of YouTube, however Twitch takes this to the next level by allowing these recordings to be broadcast live so that I and literally thousands of other people can interact with it while it’s happening.

Personally this helps me as a composer as it allows me to take inspiration and direction from many different people from many different walks of life. For example I follow Daniel James who has composed numerous soundtracks for triple AAA video games. He uses his twitch channel to teach others about his approach to film and game scoring.

A link to his stream:

I didn’t realize until recently that I’m not the only one who thinks Twitch is a great Media Platform, Eric Blattberg from called it a “sleeping giant” back in March of 2015 although by then it had already gathered enough peak global internet traffic to surpass that of Facebook (according to a statistic from the wall street journal published in this article:

Looking to the future I might have to create my own channels on Twitch and YouTube so I can get myself even further out into the cloud and start interacting with my peers not only socially, but creatively through publications of my own work.

My Media Use and Identity

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