What Brought Me Here

When I think about media and my own personal passion, one thing comes to mind every time: Sound.
I’m a lover of all things audio and I love the way composers and sound designers weave their magic through other forms of media and enhance the entire experience. More specifically I’m excited by the recent compositional styles that have been emerging in the last 10 years. It’s this idea of the epic film score now being escalated even further by mixing the traditional full orchestra with the rock band. Not only do you have the strings, the trumpets and the drums of war but now they’re being accompanied by an overdriven guitar and a double kick.

Mad Max Fury Road had a score that was absolutely packed with this stuff, the composer Tom Holkenborg knows exactly when to turn up the volume and when to let the sounds take the back seat. This is another aspect of scoring that I’m interested in, I love the way a good score builds the tension and then releases at all the right moments; it’s just bliss.

Gary Ewer of secrets of songwriting says “the moment of unrest is done in such a way that you can sense the resolution coming. It’s that predicting of resolution that keeps listeners hooked”: http://www.secretsofsongwriting.com/2012/04/11/5-songwriting-ideas-that-create-tension-release/

Films aren’t the only media that are scored in this way, video games have a need to build and release tension aswell.

Blinded by Light was written by Masashi Hamauzu and as a part of the entire Final Fantasy series the soundtracks are regarded to be among the best video game soundtracks of all time(According to FactMag, Forbes, ClashMusic and Gamasutras top lists).

It’s this whole idea of sound with context that I really love. I hope along my journey to become a Composer I can capture what these Giants before me have captured and use this exciting approach to composition to really breathe life into whatever Film, Game or Animation I’m working on at the time.

What Brought Me Here

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